(Last Updated On: December 2, 2020)

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are a wonderful time to cut loose for an incredible weekend with some of your best friends. And including some sort of a physical activity into your party agenda has become increasingly more popular these days. Something to get the blood pumping (#health), sweat out the booze (important), and add a little friendly competition to the mix. Enter: Archery Games in Denver.

Also known as one of the most unique bachelor(ette) party events in the Denver metro area. And I should know – I was invited to give it a try to see for myself! Read on to learn more about my group’s experience at AGD.

This post was sponsored by Archery Games Denver, but remember, all opinions expressed are always 100% my own (and I have a lot of them!)


AGD is a fast-paced, action-packed, team-based game that is basically like combining archery and dodgeball. Yes, I am talking about that same dodgeball we all grew up playing and loving! Archery Games Denver has taken our beloved childhood game concept, put their own unique twist on it, and created something even better (in my professional yet humble opinion).

But how exactly does combining archery and dodgeball work?

Bring up to 20 friends for a private event to battle it out head-to-head (on two teams) with bows and arrows. Your objective is to hit your opponents with your arrows, while simultaneously ensuring you don’t get hit in the process. In typical dodgeball fashion, if you get hit by an opponent’s arrow you are OUT! Sometimes there are opportunities to bring previously “out” players back into the game, so pay attention to the rules! And, ultimately, the team with the last wo(man) standing when time runs out wins.

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Any worthwhile bachelor(ette) party weekend is typically filled with a variety of activities to be enjoyed. A fancy meal out at a nice restaurant, drinks out on the town (of course), and typically some sort of physical activity. That can range from going for an incredible hike near Denver, catching 9 or 18 rounds at the golf course, playing volleyball in the park…you name it!

However, many of these activities require a certain skill level to enjoy (you certainly won’t catch me succeeding on the golf course any time soon). Archery Games Denver is a great way to level the playing field. While still a physically challenging game (seriously, I was sore the next day), it doesn’t require prior experience, or a certain skillset to play and enjoy. Making it a perfect event for a large group.

And for those already wondering – YES they sell beer, wine and seltzers onsite. This is a bachelor(ette) party after all! Wouldn’t want anyone to go thirsty.


From my experience I can say 100% yes.

In the real world, getting shot by an arrow would hurt (probably pretty bad). But at AGD the arrows are foam-tipped and specially engineered to leave no bruises or marks. And all necessary safety equipment like helmets and arm guards are provided, cleaned, and well-maintained (all very important).

That said, you will be playing on an artificial turf of sorts. Which means any action-movie-worthy ground moves you attempt could result in bruising or turf burns to your lower extremities. However, I say that’s all part of the fun! Do whatever you gotta do to get that W.



After you and your guests have arrived, and all safety waivers have been signed (pretty standard protocol), the staff at AGD will ensure everyone has the proper safety equipment. You and your crew are then able to enter the arena for an introductory lesson. Pay attention here! This isn’t your standard dodgeball, and learning how to properly shoot your arrows will be key to success. And ultimately we all want to win, right??

Next, it’s time to separate into two teams and let the battles begin!

The AGD staff referees will guide you and your opponents through a variety of different games, ensuring everyone knows the increasingly more difficult rules. This mixture of games helped keep things interesting and everyone on their toes while fighting for victory!

And while the game rules varied, they all started in the same fashion: with a no-holds-barred, kill-or-be-killed dash into the middle of the arena to secure arrows. There are plenty of arrows to go around…but take too long and you might find yourself out before you even begin.

While playing, the arena is peppered with inflatable obstacles to help provide coverage to your teammates. Arrows eventually become a scarcity and players have to get more creative as their numbers dwindle. By the time the timer runs out, everyone is gassed and ready for a break and a breath.

The final game loses the team concept and instead turns into an all-out bloodbath (figuratively, of course) where it’s every wo(man) for themselves! I think it’s the perfect cherry on top of a great event. Also beneficial to know which of your friends you would want to keep around during a zombie apocalypse.


If this has you interested for your upcoming bachelor(ette) party, then fabulous! Booking your event couldn’t be easier, and you can easily check their availability and book online here.

AGD offers the ability to book individual spots during public drop-in hours, or you can arrange for a completely private event. And let’s be honest, for a bachelor(ette) party – private event is totally the way to go!


At the end of the day, my experience at AGD was nothing short of epic (and my friends all agree with my sentiments)! They have something truly unique going on here. And it’s just the kind of adrenaline-pumping friendly competition that is perfect for any Denver bachelor or bachelorette party.

Be sure to work in an event at AGD into your party itinerary. I promise you won’t regret it!