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When it comes to throwing a bachelor party in Denver, there are plenty of options to fit the preferences of just about any groom-to-be. With beautiful mountain views, a crazy good craft beer scene, legalized recreational marijuana, and every professional sport you can imagine…it’s clear why Denver is a top spot to host a bachelor party. There are so many things to do in Denver that it will be easy to fill your agenda!

If you’ve received the honor of planning the future groom’s festivities, there’s quite a lot you’ll need to think about! How much notice do I need to give? Who do I invite? What activities will please most everyone? And so on.

But take a deep breath. This doesn’t have to be stressful. We have you covered with everything you’ll need to plan a bachelor party in Denver.

Since I’m still (im)patiently waiting to win the lottery, this post contains affiliate links. If you click the link and complete a purchase, I may be paid a commission (at no extra cost to you). Go you! Thanks for the support.

Colorado Bachelor Party Ideas for Your Bachelor Party in Denver

Bachelor Party Planning Checklist

When it comes to planning a bachelor party, some advanced preparation is required. But it doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. This is a man’s party, after all. Less is more, and fun over all else.

And to make it even easier on you, I’ve got a handy dandy checklist to keep you organized. I know, I know…you’re welcome.

an image of a bachelor party planning checklist for a bachelor party in denver

Getting to (and around) Denver

A large blue push pin is centered on Denver on a map
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Depending on where you live, it could be a good option for you to drive to Denver. The city has a large interstate system, with interstates I-25, I-70, and I-76 all crossing through the Denver metropolitan area. This makes it possible to drive to Denver from all other parts of the US.

Possible. But not necessarily easy. Because Colorado is located in the sparsely populated Rocky Mountain region, the likelihood of a long drive from wherever you live is quite high. Of course, it would certainly be a gorgeous drive. But a long drive, nonetheless.

And while it is true that having a car has many benefits in Denver, which is a very geographically spread out city. Unless you live in a neighboring state (looking at you Wyoming, Nebraska, etc.), it’s likely it will make more sense to fly in for the festivities.


The majority of people coming to Denver will need to take a flight (or two if you have to connect) arriving into Denver International Airport (DIA). Denver’s airport is quite modern and easy to navigate. However, it’s not in the best of locations. In fact, it’s about a 30 minute drive outside of central Denver.

However, the light rail in Denver now has a direct route that connects DIA to Union Station downtown. The trains run every 30 minutes, and from DIA to Union (with stops) takes about 40 minutes total time.

Getting Around Denver

By car: driving is definitely the easiest way to get from place-to-place in Denver. Especially if your planned activities include any of the below that aren’t located downtown. If flying in for the event, it might make sense to rent a car at DIA, which has all major car rental companies available.

Public transportation: Denver’s public transportation system is not that great, and mainly consists of buses and the light rail (which is an above ground train). The light rail is more commonly used, especially by tourists, and it connects DIA to downtown, and downtown out to the suburbs.

Ride share: like most bigger cities, Denver has a thriving ride share economy. Uber and Lyft are abundant. And there are also a wide array of scooter rental companies (the hot new thing) to choose from.

Walking: to be completely honest, Denver is not the a super walkable city. Sure, you can cover ground across some shorter distances. But with Denver being geographically spread out, you’re likely to need to supplement with additional modes of transportation during your stay.

Where to Stay For Your Bachelor Party – Denver

the Denver Colorado skyline in the evening before dusk
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Where you stay during your Denver bachelor party is a key decision. Naturally you and your boys will want to stay in a popular area in Denver – an area with lots of restaurants, attractions, bars and more within striking distance.

And, like most cities, your two main options for accommodations in Denver is the home share market (like Airbnb, VRBO) or traditional hotels. Here are my recommendations for both.


The home sharing market is amazing in Denver! And for a bachelor party, it’s likely your best accommodation bet. Especially if you have more than four people in attendance, securing a dope VRBO vs. a standard hotel will get you more space and privacy (key!), for less money than multiple hotel rooms will run you.

When searching for a spot to home base for your bachelor party Denver Colorado, it’s important to find a place that’s a) centrally located, b) good layout/space for your group, and c) has some style to it (duh!). Below I’ve highlighted some incredible, stylish options to consider for your bachelor party in Denver.

  1. This incredibly spacious PENTHOUSE is centrally located in downtown Denver and sleeps up to 13
  2. This downtown apartment is affordable with incredible views and room for 11
  3. A house in Ruby Hill means WAY more space, including a yard + patio with a hot tub and space for 18
  4. Stunning downtown loft with upscale furnishings, a large wet bar (with separate drink fridge) and room for 14
  5. The ULTIMATE bachelor party pad with space for 20, an in-home theater and game room with pool + a roulette table
  6. This RiNo urban loft is modern with room for 16 and comes with plenty of outdoor space
  7. The largest on the list, this converted church is now a modern sanctuary with incredible details and space for 22


If you decide to go with a hotel, Denver has tons of amazing accommodation options to choose from. Also, depending on the hotel you choose, you may find some special event perks come along with it…be sure to ask!

Some of my favorite hotel recommendations in Denver are:
Le Meridien – new and modern with the city’s highest open-air rooftop bar (also about a block from a popular strip club!)
The Brown Palace – Denver’s most luxurious, historic hotel
Hotel Teatro – the original boutique hotel in Denver
The Crawford – located in Denver’s iconic Union Station
The Curtis – a unique pop-culture themed hotel with hyper-themed rooms and suites available

Denver Bachelor Party Ideas for the Bachelor Party Purists

Group of four young men having drinks at a bachelor party in denver
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You know these guys. These are the ones who believe a bachelor party agenda begins and ends at the strip club. Uninhibited debauchery is the theme of the weekend. Bonus points if red meat and cigars are involved at some point. Maybe their name is Chad, I don’t know. No judgement here! Denver has got you bachelor party purists covered.

Let the Men Eat Steak

It may be a stereotype that all men love a good steak, but it’s one that exists for a reason. A night of debauchery needs a good base layer, and there’s no better way to bond with your dudes than over a ribeye. Denver has TONS of amazing steakhouses, but these are especially good:

Buckhorn Exchange: The Buckhorn Exchange is the oldest and most historic steakhouse in Denver. And they’re known for a wide array of wild game choices. Things like yak, ostrich, buffalo, Rocky Mountain oysters, etc. This is a steakhouse experience your bachelor won’t soon forget!
Elway’s: Owned by none other than John Elway himself! Elway’s is a steakhouse where you can see and be seen. Plus the food is beyond amazing – the lambchop fondue will change your life.
STK: If you take one part amazing steakhouse, and one part nightclub, STK is the result you would get! They have a very hip and modern atmosphere, beyond amazing food, and a DJ playing the hottest tracks. Perfect for a bachelor party!

Smoke Some Killer Cigars

What is it about a bachelor party that turns every guy into a cigar-smoking sophisticate? I certainly don’t know the answer, but I know the bachelor gets what the bachelor wants.

Churchill Bar: Churchill Bar is located in Denver’s historic Brown Palace Hotel. With its many leather-bound books, and a smell of rich mahogany, having a cigar (or a single-malt) here is like stepping back in time.
Palma Cigars: If you want a legit, handmade cigar in Denver, Palma Cigars is where to go. In fact, they’re the only producer of handmade cigars in all of Colorado.

Partake in (Legal) Recreational Marijuana

Unless you’ve been literally living under a rock, you are probably aware that Colorado was one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana. The fact that it’s now legal may take away some of the debauchery to it. But purchasing legal weed for the first time is a historic moment nonetheless!

There are TONS of options to choose from, even in the downtown area. And they all carry similar products. So don’t stress about which one to visit. Just check out Weed Maps, or turn to trusty Google, to find a recreational dispensary near your bachelor party HQ.

And if you’d rather get a behind-the-scenes look into the marijuana industry, consider taking a Denver cannabis tour to get the inside scoop.

And, of Course, Strip Clubs

Alright, for a bachelor party purist, this is the portion of the agenda you’ll want to take extra special care with. You don’t want to stick your homie with a strip club full of the B squad. Which is why we’ve done the heavy lifting (you’re welcome) for you. These are the best strip clubs Denver has to offer:

Shotgun Willie’s: A favorite in the Denver area. This is the only bar in Denver legally allowed to serve alcohol beyond 2 am.
Diamond Cabaret: A more upscale option right in downtown Denver. They also have their own cigar humidor – you can purchase and enjoy indoors.
PT’s Showclub: This club is a real crowd pleaser with both female and male entertainers. They’re open until 4 am, and even have a full nude floor.

Visit a Whiskey Distillery

Whiskey is a man’s drink. Any old boy can down beers all day, but whiskey, that’s for the real men. Real men who are also bachelor party purists. Which means adding some amazing whiskey to the bachelor party agenda will earn you some serious brownie points.

Stranahan’s: A top selling American single malt, Stranahan’s was started right here in Denver. You can visit their distillery for a tour (just be sure to book in advance) or some cocktails in their lounge.
Laws Whiskey House: Laws Whiskey House believes in quality over quantity with their lineup of amazing bourbon, rye, and limited release whiskeys.

Feel free to plan your own distillery visit(s), or opt for an organized history and whiskey tour to really wow your group!

Bachelor Party Ideas Denver for the Big Drinkers

Group Of Male Friends On Night Out For Bachelor Party In Denver In Bar Making Toast Together
© Cathy Yeulet via Canva.com

These ideas are for the volume drinkers. The ones who just want their best friends and copious amounts of alcohol for their Denver bachelor party. Maybe their nickname was “Frank the Tank” in college, and they’re known for blackout shenanigans.

Have Some Bottomless Brunch

You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning! Which is why a boozy bottomless brunch is perfect for the volume drinkers. And luckily brunch is an institution in Denver, so there are plenty of bottomless brunch spots to choose from.

And if you have members of your crew who aren’t into mimosas, then stop by The Lobby or The District for bottomless brunch. Both of these spots include additional bottomless libations (like bloody marys) in addition to mimosas.

Take a Brewery Tour

Whether it’s total number of breweries, number of barrels produced, or breweries per capita, Colorado is a regular among the top rankings by state. Favorable water laws and the ability to have taprooms adjacent to brewing operations have led to Colorado becoming a leading beer mecca in the US.

For a single-brewery experience, check out the tours provided by the biggest brewery in the world, Coors Brewery. Or Denver’s first brewpub, Wynkoop Brewing Co. If you’re looking for a multiple-brewery experience, check out the many options available at Denver Brew Tours or the craft brewery crawl by eTuk Ride.

Hop on the Pedal Hopper

A Pedal Hopper tour is a fantastic way to spend a warm afternoon drinking in downtown Denver for a bachelor party. If you aren’t familiar with the Pedal Hopper, it’s the party you pedal that holds up to 16 people while getting you from bar to bar.

Book your tour in advance and don’t forget to pack a cooler! It’s BYOB on board, although some discretion is required. You can’t bring obvious (i.e., beer bottles) alcohol on board, but resealable plastic or metal containers are cool.

Have Drinks with a View

With 300+ days of sunshine and the mountains as your backdrop, Denver is an amazing city for drinking on a rooftop. The views just can’t get better.

There are plenty of amazing rooftop bars to choose from, covering everything from sports bars, to more upscale bars, and everything in between. Drinking on a rooftop is the perfect way to spend the afternoon or evening during your Denver bachelor party.

Denver Bachelor Party Ideas for the Sports Guys

Two male football fans cheer sitting on a couch
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Does your bachelor absolutely LOVE sports? I mean like he’s got a favorite team for every major professional sport AND college. With sports attire on regular rotation in his wardrobe. Maybe he played football in high school and/or college and just won’t-shut-up-about-it?? Then just give the guy what he wants and work some of these ideas into your Denver bachelor party.

Hit the Green

Day drinking and sports, amiright? With Denver’s mild weather and 300+ days of sunshine, it’s easy to get out for a round of golf any time of year. And if weather (or ability) isn’t on par for hitting the REAL golf course, we’ve got some indoor options for you also.

Top Golf: Top Golf is an indoor/outdoor, multi-level driving range with amazing food, a full bar, and music while you play.
Urban Putt: Denver’s only indoor miniature golf course, but in no way is Urban Putt typical. No expense was spared making sure the course has near movie set-like scenes.
Real Golf: Hit the course with the mountains as your backdrop. Denver has plenty of golf courses to choose from with a variety of different landscapes.

Watch Denver Professional Sports

Denver is the perfect bachelor party destination for sports guys because we have a local professional team for every major sport. Which means no matter what time of year you pick, there’s likely a game you can work into the agenda.

Football: Denver Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High
Baseball: Colorado Rockies at Coors Field
Basketball: Denver Nuggets at Pepsi Center
Hockey: Colorado Avalanche at Pepsi Center
Lacrosse: Colorado Mammoth at Pepsi Center
Soccer: Colorado Rapids at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park

Fire Off Some Arrows at Archery Dodgeball

Photo provided courtesy of Archery Games Denver

Archery…dodgeball?? Yes, that’s correct! A bachelor party at Archery Games Denver takes a classic game we all grew up playing, and puts a unique spin on it. It’s a physically challenging game that anyone can be good at, making it the perfect bachelor party activity for some healthy competition!

You can have up to 20 players, split into two teams. After learning the ropes and getting some time to practice, you and your guys will have 60 minutes to battle it out in the arena. Just remember the five D’s of dodgeball (dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge) to help synch the victory.

And since this is a bachelor party after all…YES…they also sell beer, spiked seltzer and wine onsite!

Check out my post to learn all about my personal experience at Archery Games Denver.

Eat at Shanahan’s Steakhouse

Sure, Shanahan’s is one of Denver’s best steakhouses, but what does that matter to the sports guy? Because here he can view Mike Shanahan’s (former NFL coach) Super Bowl rings and Lombardi trophies on display in the restaurant. You can even hold a trophy for a once-in-a-lifetime photo opp.

And once done geeking out over the sports memorabilia, you guys can feast on some of the best steaks, chops, and seafood that Denver has to offer.

Visit Denver’s Best Sports Bars

Sports guys love sports bars, right? As a very sports-centric city, Denver naturally has plenty of options to choose from. However, below are a few of the top contenders.

Stoney’s: One of Denver’s most popular sports bars, so plan accordingly as it can get packed. Stoney’s shows all sports, professional and college.
British Bulldog: If the groom is a soccer fan, then the British Bulldog is the place to be. They open extra early on weekends for matches played abroad.
Sports Column: Centrally located in the LoDo neighborhood, Sports Column broadcasts it all. You name it, they’re probably showing it.

Bachelor Party Ideas Denver for the Nature Lovers

A man in hiking gear looks onto a blue lake with mountains around it
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Colorado is absolutely FILLED with these guys. The ones who say “heck yeah!” when asked if they want to wake up at 3 in the morning to hike a 14’er (round trip) before it gets too hot. They have a membership at R.E.I. and so much outdoor gear they could open their own mini-store. Their party will be less about drinking to oblivion, and more about getting activities in with their dudes. I don’t personally get it, but this is Colorado after all, so there’s plenty of options.

Hit the Slopes

With the beautiful Rocky Mountains to the west, Denver is known for being a winter sports haven. Some of the country’s best skiing, boarding, tubing, etc. is right in Denver’s backyard.

If you’re looking to hit the slopes within 2 hours from Denver, be sure to check out Copper Mountain or Breckenridge. But if you’re willing to travel a bit farther for the best slopes, check out Steamboat or Aspen Snowmass.

Take a Hike

If you don’t know already, Denverites go CRAZY for hiking. Which makes sense given there are so many beautiful hikes near Denver. Whether you’re hiking in the foothills, closer to Denver, or deep in the mountains, incredible nature and scenery awaits you.

If you’re looking for something closer to Denver, check out Deer Creek Canyon or St. Mary’s Glacier. Or if you’re willing to drive a bit farther, check out Hanging Lake or Rocky Mountain National Park.

Play in the Park

When the weather is nice and warm, Denverites flock to city parks in droves for BBQs, volleyball, workouts and more.

So grab the guys, some drinks (just no glass please), and games and head out for some fun in the sun at the park. Local favorites include Washington Park, City Park, and Cheeseman Park.

Survive (Hopefully) Whitewater Rafting

Is there any greater thrill than hurling over a rapid, feverishly rowing in an attempt (hopefully successfully) to remain inside the raft? Not to mention the bro- and team-bonding that occurs as you work together in your raft.

Whitewater rafting is a fantastic Denver bachelor party idea, especially for the guy who loves the outdoors. You’ll have to trek west from Denver, but it will be totally worth it. Clear Creek Rafting Co or Raft Masters are great at what they do, and relatively close to Denver.

Experience Real Outdoor Rock Climbing with Denver Climbing Company

Try your hands at real outdoor rock climbing without having to worry about safety and equipment, because the pros at Denver Climbing Company have your back.

Indoor climbing gyms are fine, but why choose that when you can be one with nature in the Colorado foothills? Denver Climbing Co has a variety of small group classes, or you can arrange a private group adventure for the occasion.

Top Denver Outdoor & Adventure Tours

– Enjoy the adventure of soaring through beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountain landscapes on a zipline adventure tour
– Live out all your fast car fantasies with a Colorado Canyon supercar driving experience
– Or take a glacier hike and geothermal cave pools tour that is the perfect mix of recreation and relaxation
– Discover the very best that the Rocky Mountains have to offer with a full-day guided tour through Rocky Mountain National Park

Denver Bachelor Party Ideas for the Nerd/Geek/Dork Bachelor

A man with glasses sits at a desk and works on a computer keyboard
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Everyone knows (and loves) a nerd/geek/dork in their life. The guys who play(ed) things like dungeons and dragons, or world of warcraft, or [insert another nerdy game here]. The one you turn to when you have computer problems, or your gaming controller broke. You love them. I love them. So they should get a killer bachelor party in Denver too!

Relive Your Childhood Games at Denver Barcades

Barcades provide the best of both worlds – a fun drinking atmosphere combined with games and competition among friends. And your nerd/geek/dork bachelor will especially geek out over the opportunity to play classic and new arcade games alike.

When it comes to barcades in Denver, there are a solid two options. 1-Up Arcade Bar has two convenient downtown locations. While Dave and Buster’s is larger and much more expansive.

Become an American Ninja Warrior at the Warrior Challenge Arena

The nerd/geek/dork in your life loves to feel like a kid again. And at the Warrior Challenge Arena you can relive your best childhood memories on a playground while pretending you’re competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Book a portion of your party here, and they will create a unique experience of a variety of obstacles and activities. So grab the group of guys and prepare for your own all-out battle royale.

Learn More Stuff at the Best Denver Museums

Denver is a city with loads of museums to choose from. Covering everything from expansive, large-scale museums, to the quirky, smaller museums. But if there’s one thing I know for sure…it’s that nerds/geeks/dorks LOVE a good museum.

If you’re looking for something classic, check out the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. Art fans will especially love the Denver Art Museum. And space nerds will geek out at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum.

Shoot Your Friends (Legally) at Paintball

The closest most men will ever get to a real-life Call of Duty is on the paintball field. And it’s an activity your game-loving nerd/geek/dork bachelor would love as part of his bachelor party agenda.

So be sure to check out Blitz Paintball for some of the best paintball in Denver! Not only is Blitz one of Denver’s top rated and most visited paintball facilities, but they were also recently recognized by Buzzfeed for their “Top 10 Insane Paintball Fields Around the World.” A great option for a daytime bachelor party activity – give them a visit.

Top Denver Arts & History Tours

– Learn the “low down” on LoDo (Lower Downtown) with a walking tour through Denver’s oldest neighborhood
– Get a dose of Denver history, spooked, and have some drinks all-in-one with a haunted Denver pub crawl in LoDo
– Explore Denver’s bustling art scene with a River North (RiNo) District Art Tour
– Or skip all that walking and experience Denver on a guided sightseeing tour on motor scooters…beep beep, MF.

Bachelor Party Ideas Denver for the Guy Who Loves Music

Close up view of a man playing guitar on a stage
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It makes no difference if playing or spectating, the music-loving bachelor will appreciate working music into his bachelor party agenda.

Whether it’s seeing a top artist in concert, hitting up a karaoke bar, or simple live band at the watering hole, Denver has plenty of activities involving music to choose from.

Catch a Performance at the Nation’s Best Outdoor Music Venue

There is no more iconic music venue in Denver than Red Rocks Amphitheater. Many even argue its the best outdoor music venue in the country.

But no matter where you land on that debate, one thing is for certain: music lovers are sure to never forget their first show at Red Rocks. So check the Red Rocks event calendar and make it happen, captain!

There’s Even More Music to be had at These Denver Music Venues

While the creme de la creme of music venues in Denver is certainly Red Rocks, there’s a TON of other venues to consider. All of these book plenty of smaller talent and big names alike.

For the biggest names and largest shows, check out upcoming events at the Pepsi Center or Fiddler’s Green Amphitheater. For a smaller production across a variety of genres, look to the Fillmore Auditorium, Mission Ballroom or Summit Music Hall. And for an even more intimate, dive-bar-esque experience, stop by Herb’s or El Chapultepec.

Hit Those High Notes at Karaoke

Whether your music-lover is also a performer, or just likes to watch other people try, karaoke is a great option. A little liquid courage and you’re well on your way to more bribery material than you can handle.

For a traditional karaoke feel, check out Ogden Street South. They have karaoke every Friday and Saturday night, and it’s a local hidden gem. Or, for a more private experience, book your own room at Voicebox Karaoke. No getting embarrassed in front of strangers or waiting forever for your turn.

Sing-a-long with the Dueling Pianos

Denver is lucky to have a couple really great dueling piano bars to choose from. If an old-timey sing-a-long is more your jam, then you can’t go wrong with the historic Charlie Brown’s.

Or check out Howl at the Moon for a dueling piano spot with more of a dance-club atmosphere. And as a side bonus…your group will be very likely to encounter some Denver bachelorette parties at this spot.

Denver Bachelor Party Ideas for the Gay Bachelor

Gay couple holding rainbow flags; one kissing the other on his cheek
© ajr_images via Canva.com

If you’re planning a bachelor party for a gay bachelor, you might be looking for ideas with a little more oomph and flair, if that’s what he’s into! Something with a little more sophistication or pizzazz than your standard heterosexual bachelor parties.

Catch a Fabulous Drag Queen Brunch

Is there anything better than combining bottomless mimosa brunch with a drag queen show? I think not. And this is daytime boozy entertainment perfect for your bachelor party agenda!

The drag queen brunch at Hamburger Mary’s gets ROWDY. Dollar bills are flying. There’s a naked shot boy giving out shots…well…practically naked.

Check Out Denver’s Best Gay Bars

I don’t think anyone would call Denver a mecca of gay entertainment…especially when compared to places like San Francisco or New York City. However, for a small city, we do pretty good! So if hitting the gay bars/clubs is on your bachelor party agenda, these are some of the best ones Denver has to offer:

Charlie’s: A gay bar that’s part country-western and part top 40 club. Charlie’s is a fun and friendly atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor space.
X Bar: A happening gay hangout (just down Colfax from Charlie’s), X Bar has a large dance floor and an big outdoor patio.
Tracks Nightclub: This is Denver’s premier LGBTQ+ nightclub. Tracks has multiple levels, rotating theme nights and REALLY strong drinks.

Check-in at the Denver Selfie Museum

If documenting the bachelor party for the ‘gram will be important, then the Denver Selfie Museum is a must stop! The museum provides a ton of artful and whimsical backdrops perfect for a photo opp. Snap some selfies, get some amazing group shots, and make all your friends jealous on social media. #YOLO

Catch Afternoon Tea at the Brown Palace

The Brown Palace is one of Denver’s most historic hotels. And when it comes to an amazing afternoon tea, there’s none more coveted in Denver.

Dress up in your Sunday best for a sophisticated afternoon sipping tea and enjoying delicate bites.

Bachelor Party Ideas Denver for the Foodies

Closeup of a man reaching for a taco platter with four tacos
© DavidPrahl via Canva.com

Does your groom-to-be have shows like Top Chef, Chopped or the Barefoot Contessa on regular rotation in their DVR? Maybe they’re always trying to rally a crew for a meal at the newest hot restaurant in town.

If they know the difference between consomme and broth, and you’ve never even heard of consomme…then you’re gonna need these ideas.

Be Overwhelmed by Options at Denver Food Halls and Gourmet Markets

The last few years have seen a surge in the popularity of food halls and gourmet markets in Denver, and that’s a good thing.

Plan a casual (but delicious) lunch from Denver Central Market. Or happy hour and small bites with an amazing view at Avanti Food and Beverage. Or dinner and libations at the Dairy Block, Denver’s newest and hippest option.

Eat Wild Game and Exotic Meats at the Buckhorn Exchange

Any foodie is sure to love the delicious opportunities that await them at the Buckhorn Exchange. This historic steakhouse has been operating since 1893, and is Denver’s oldest continuously operating restaurant.

But history is boring, what’s really great about the Buckhorn is the food. Enjoy exotic meats you simply can’t find anywhere else, like yak, ostrich, quail, and more. And if you’re really brave, be sure and give the Rocky Mountain oysters a try.

Take a Cooking Class

There’s nothing a foodie appreciates more than honing their own craft for creating delicious meals. And then eating them, of course. Which is why taking a cooking class is a great activity for the foodie bachelor!

Both Cook Street School of Culinary Arts and Stir Cooking School have completely private event options, and a calendar of small group classes you could join.

Go on a Denver Food Tour

Want to do less of the work, but all of the eating? Then taking a culinary focused Denver tour is another great option! Whether you book a private tour, or join a small group tour, you’re sure to experience some of the best food Denver has to offer.

Check out the offerings at Delicious Denver Food Tours or Secret Food Tours Denver. Your foodie bachelor (and your taste buds) will thank you.

Top Denver Food Tours

– Eat your heart out through Denver’s incredible dining scene on a small group food walking tour with six stops!
– Explore the “Napa Valley of craft beer” on this LoDo craft beer tour
– Discover the best food of Union Station and LoDo including local cuisine, cocktails, and craft beers


Three male friends have fun arm wrestling each other in a pub
© Andrejs Pidjass via Canva.com

See? That wasn’t so bad.

Denver is such an eclectic city that planning a bachelor party here is a breeze. No matter the tastes of your bachelor! Denver has everyone covered.

Using the tips and ideas above, you can mix-and-match as needed to create a bachelor party weekend your groom will never forget!

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