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Are you planning a Denver Colorado bachelorette party?

Well when it comes to throwing an epic bachelorette party in Denver, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the choices. Naturally you want to do right by your bride, and create a day/weekend that will be completely unforgettable for her.

Good on you – way to be a good friend!

But don’t let bachelorette party planning stress creep into your life. This city is chock full of incredible options for Denver bachelorette parties. And I’ve broken them all down by which “type” of girl they might appeal most to.

So strap in, grab a notebook, and let’s get this amazing bachelorette party in Denver sorted out.

Since I’m still (im)patiently waiting to win the lottery, this post contains affiliate links. If you click the link and complete a purchase, I may be paid a commission (at no extra cost to you). Go you! Thanks for the support.

The Only Bachelorette Party Denver Guide You Need

Getting to (and around) Denver

A large blue push pin is placed in Denver on a map of Colorado and surrounding states
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By car

Depending on where you live, it might be possible for you to drive into Denver. The city has a vast interstate system, with interstates I-25, I-70, and I-76 crisscrossing through the Denver area. Making it possible to get to Denver from any other part of the country.

Possible. But not necessarily easy. Colorado is located in the sparsely populated Rocky Mountain region, which means the likelihood of a long drive is high. Now, it will certainly be a gorgeous drive. But a long drive, nonetheless.

There’s no doubt that having a car has benefits in Denver, which is a geographically spread out city. But, unless you live in a neighboring state, it’s likely it will make the most sense to fly.

By airplane

For most people, coming to Denver means a flight (or two if you have to connect), arriving into Denver International Airport (DIA). The airport is modern and easy to navigate. However, it’s not really conveniently located to the city. In fact, it’s about a 30 minute drive outside of the city.

However, Denver now has a direct train route that connects DIA to Union Station in downtown. The train runs every 30 minutes, and with stops takes about 40 minutes to arrive at Union Station.

Getting around Denver

By car: this is certainly the easiest way to get around the Denver metropolitan area. Especially if you plan any of the activities below that aren’t located in the city center. If you’re flying in for the festivities, it may make sense to rent a car. DIA has all major car rental companies easily accessible.

Public transportation: Denver’s public transportation system mainly consists of buses and the light rail (an above ground train). The light rail is more commonly used by tourists as it connects DIA to downtown, and from downtown to the suburbs.

Ride share: like most cities these days, Denver is well-equipped for the ride share economy. In a traditional sense, Uber and Lyft are abundant. There are also a wide array of scooter rentals available (the hot new thing).

Walking: to be fair, Denver is not the most walkable of cities. Sure, you can cover some shorter distances. But with the city being so spread out, you’ll likely need to supplement with another mode of transportation.

Where to stay for your bachelorette party in Denver

The downtown Denver skyline nearing dusk
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Where you stay during your bachelorette party in Denver is a VERY important choice. You’ll want to ensure you stay in a popular area in Denver – one with lots of attractions, restaurants, bars and more nearby.

And, like most cities, your two main options for accommodations in Denver is the home share market (like Airbnb, VRBO) or traditional hotels. Here are my recommendations for both.

HomeShare Options in Denver

The home share market is strong in Denver. And for a bachelorette party, it may also be your best bet. Especially if you have more than four attendees, renting a VRBO vs. multiple hotel rooms will often get you more space, and possibly even more privacy for less money!

When searching for a bachelorette HQ, it’s important to find a place that’s a) centrally located, b) good layout/space for your group, and c) has some style to it (duh!). Below I’ve highlighted some amazing options to consider for your bachelorette party in Denver.

  1. Located in the heart of Lower Highlands (“LoHi”), this modern townhome sleeps up to 10
  2. This River North (“RiNo”) smart home is stylishly decorated with an AWESOME back patio and room for 10
  3. Be close to all the best Denver shopping at this luxury Cherry Creek home that sleeps up to 16
  4. This historic remodeled home is centrally located downtown, sleeps up to 15 and even has two fully functioning kitchens
  5. This LUXURY downtown loft is super chic with room for 12 and an incredible patio
  6. An incredible high-end home is only one block to Wash Park, sleeps up to 8 and has an incredible private patio AND a full bar
  7. Stunning downtown loft with upscale furnishings, a large wet bar (with separate drink fridge) and space for 14

Hotels in Denver

If you do decide to go the hotel route, Denver has no shortage of amazing accommodation options. Also, depending on the hotel you choose, you may find some special event perks come along with it!

Some of my personal recommendations are:
The Brown Palace – Denver’s most historic (and most luxurious) hotel
Hotel Teatro – the original boutique hotel in Denver
Le Meridien – new and modern with the city’s highest open-air rooftop bar (plus hotel guests get special discounts at Howl at the Moon, Infinite Monkey Theorum, and more!)
The Crawford – located in Denver’s iconic Union Station
The Curtis – a unique pop-culture themed hotel with hyper-themed rooms and suites available

Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas for the “Look at Me!” Bachelorette

a bride-to-be poses with pink and white balloons for her denver bachelorette party
© Berezko via Canva.com

This girl has probably been planning her wedding since she was a little girl. She is SO excited about everything that comes along with making her dream day a reality…and that includes the bachelorette party.

This is the girl who will be dressed to the nines in her bachelorette sash, veil, boa, whatever! She wants to see and be seen. And she wants all the attention that comes along with her turn at being the bachelorette.

Be serenaded at Denver’s best dueling piano bar

Celebrate your Denver bachelorette parties with a night at Howl at the Moon. This is a dueling piano bar that will have your whole group singing at the top of their lungs before the night is over.

For a VIP experience, book one of their bride-to-be packages. The package comes with table reservations, skip-the-line privileges and other perks your party will love. Hitting this up at the start of your Denver bachelorette weekend will ensure your vocal chords are fresh.

Get a little risque at a burlesque show

No bachelorette party in Denver can be complete without delving into the risque at least a little bit! If strip clubs aren’t your thing, the Clocktower Cabaret is where it’s at.

They have a wide array of live entertainment options to fit the theme of any party. Burlesque, comedy, and drag, to name a few. And all are performed in a vintage, intimate setting in the heart of downtown Denver.

I would definitely suggest the VIP ticket option. You will enjoy premium seating, and the opportunity for your bride-to-be to get some stage time of her own!

Curate your bachelorette party Instagram feed at the Denver Selfie Museum

For the “look at me” bachelorette, it will be SUPER important to capture perfect photos of the festivities. I mean, if it doesn’t make it on the ‘gram, did it even happen? #No

For the most part, snapping pictures as you celebrate all weekend will do the trick. But if you really want to impress your bride-to-be, take her to the Denver Selfie Museum. Only here can she take her selfies to a whole new level of amazing!

Every nook and cranny is an exciting piece of art that you are not only allowed, but encouraged, to utilize as the perfect photo back drop. An hour or so spent here will give your bride-to-be plenty of options for her #bachweekend posting across all social media channels.

Check out Denver’s best clubs

There’s no doubt that your bride-to-be likes to shake it on the dance floor. And an all-dressed-up dance party with her girls during her bachelorette party is sure to be top of her list. Luckily for you all, Denver has some amazing dance clubs.

For a big room style club with big name DJs rolling through, check out Temple Nightclub. Or you can head to Vinyl, where they have four levels and multiple genres playing. Finally, Bar Standard is a smaller club very popular with locals.

And don’t forget the strip clubs

Is there a better place to get a crap ton of attention than being a bachelorette party in a strip club? I think not! But this is a special occasion, so you can’t take your bride-to-be to just any old strip club. Make sure and take her to one of the best Denver has to offer.

Shotgun Willie’s: A favorite in the Denver area. This is the only bar in Denver legally allowed to serve alcohol beyond 2 am.
Diamond Cabaret: A more upscale option right in downtown Denver. They also have their own cigar humidor – you can purchase and enjoy indoors.
PT’s Showclub: This club is a real crowd pleaser with both female and male entertainers. They’re open until 4 am, and even have a full nude floor.

Bachelorette Party Ideas Denver for the Party Girl

A girl in white stands on table with martini, guys sleeping, house a mess
© Deagreez via Canva.com

You know the type – these are the girls who can go drink-to-drink with the guys. Maybe her nickname in college was “Smashley” or “Tequila Katie” or something along those lines.

And while she enjoys a fruity cocktail here and there, she’s an equal opportunity drinker – beer, whiskey, and more are all welcome! Just beware…things can go awry with this bachelorette. You never know where the night will take her (and you, along with her).

Experience Denver’s popular bottomless mimosa brunch

The boozy brunch scene in Denver is STRONG. Call us too lazy to get up for breakfast, or early drinkers, but Denverites show up in droves for brunch. And you’re planning a bachelorette party for a party girl. The “you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning” type.

So make sure and get her what she wants…alcohol with breakfast. There are no shortage of amazing brunch spots in Denver, but after years of independent field research, I have a list of undisputed favorites.

Sip and ride from bar-to-bar on the Pedal Hopper

Pedal Hopper tour is the perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon in downtown Denver for a bachelorette party. If you aren’t familiar with the Pedal Hopper, it’s the party you pedal and it holds up to sixteen people.

But don’t worry – not everyone has to pedal constantly, and you’ll only spend a few minutes traveling between stops! Book your tour in advance and don’t forget to pack a cooler.

It’s BYOB on board, but some discretion is required. You can’t bring any obvious alcohol (i.e., beer cans/bottles). But you are allowed to bring beverages in resealable plastic or metal containers.

And if that isn’t enough imbibing for you, you’ll also hit up a handful of bars along your route for a beer or cocktail! Just make sure no one falls off their seat.

Sample the best Colorado brews on a brewery tour

Whether it’s total number of breweries, number of barrels of beer produced, or breweries per capita…Colorado is a regular among the top rankings by state. Favorable water laws and the ability to have taprooms adjacent to brewing operations have led to Colorado becoming a leading beer mecca in the US.

For a single-brewery experience, check out the tours provided by the biggest brewery in the world, Coors Brewery. Or Denver’s first brewpub, Wynkoop Brewing Co.

If you’re looking for a multiple-brewery experience, check out the many options available at Denver Brew Tours or the craft brewery crawl by eTuk Ride.

Have drinks with a view

Denver is lucky to have the majestic Rocky Mountains as their backyard neighbor. And when you have a bachelorette party in Denver, you’re in for some killer views. But what is the best way to take in the views surrounding the mile high city?


Get yourself out on one of Denver’s many rooftop bars! You can take in the views, maybe even catch a sunrise. All while keeping the party going with a drink (or two for your bride-to-be) in hand.

Experience legal marijuana

Did you know Colorado was one of the first states to legalize the recreational usage of marijuana? Of course you did! You don’t live under a rock. So, when in Rome, right?

There are a lot of dispensaries to choose from in most of the Denver metropolitan areas, but some municipalities have chosen not to participate. I suggest checking out Weed Maps, or turning to trust google, to find a recreational dispensary close to your bachelorette party HQ.

Top Drinking Tours in Denver

– Receive a dose of Denver history, get spooked, and have some drinks all-in-one with a haunted pub crawl in LoDo
– Get a taste of Denver’s booming craft distillery and cocktail scene during this unique moscow mule experience
– If you love beer and mountains, then you can’t go wrong with this brews and views small group tour
– Go wild with a weekend brunch party bus experience in Denver…the best way to start the day

Bachelorette Parties in Denver for the Sporty Girl

A group of friends watch soccer in a pub, beers on the bar
© Kamil Macniak via Canva.com

In this day and age, women are almost just as likely to enjoy sports as men. Gone are the days of the men watching football on TV while the women cooked, or gossiped in another room. Sporty girls are right there, watching the game with beer and snacks in hand.

Maybe your bride-to-be even plays sports! Whether in a traditional sense (volleyball league) or a modern sense (cup-in-hand kickball).

One thing is for sure: sports lovers don’t take breaks. One season blends into the next in perpetuity. So here are the best sports-centered activities in Denver.

Get Your Heart Pumping at Archery Dodgeball

Players duck behind inflatable barriers on a green turf; woman in forefront shooting an arrow
Photo provided courtesy of Archery Games Denver

If you haven’t heard of archery dodgeball, you are missing out! Archery Games Denver takes a classic childhood game we all know and love, and puts a unique spin on it. Instead of throwing / dodging balls, you and your crew will be hurling foam-tipped arrows at one another. It’s a game that anyone can be good at…as long as you have some aim…but is physically challenging and FUN at the same time. This makes it a perfect bachelorette party activity to get your sweat on with a side of healthy (and hopefully friendly) competition!

Perfect for bachelorette parties of all sizes, you can have up to 20 total players on the field at one time, split into two teams! The staff at Archery Games will spend some time explaining the equipment, and give everyone the opportunity to practice a bit. Then you and your girls will have a full hour to battle one another in the arena. And don’t worry, the answer is YES – they also sell beer, spiked seltzer and wine onsite (this is a bachelorette party after all)!

Check out this post to learn all about my personal experience at Archery Games Denver.

Catch a Denver professional sports game

Denver is the perfect bachelorette party destination for sports-loving gals because we have a local professional team for every major sport. Which means no matter what time of year you visit, there’s likely a game you can work into the party agenda.

Baseball: Colorado Rockies at Coors Field
Football: Denver Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High
Basketball: Denver Nuggets at Pepsi Center
Hockey: Colorado Avalanche at Pepsi Center
Soccer: Colorado Rapids at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park
Lacrosse: Colorado Mammoth at Pepsi Center

Hit the golfing green

Day drinking and sports, is there anything better? With Denver’s relatively mild weather and 300+ days of annual sunshine, it’s easy to get out for a round of golf any time of year. And if weather (or ability, no judgements here) isn’t on par for hitting the REAL golf course, Denver has some indoor options for your group also.

Real Golf: Hit the course with the mountains as your backdrop. Denver has plenty of golf courses to choose from with a variety of different landscapes.
Top Golf: Top Golf is an indoor/outdoor, multi-level driving range with amazing food, a full bar, and music while you play. Super fun for people of all golfing abilities!
Urban Putt: Denver’s only indoor miniature golf course, but in no way is Urban Putt typical. No expense was spared making sure this brand-new course has near movie set-like scenes.

Check out Denver’s best sports bars

A sporty girl loves sports bars, right? And as a very sports-centric city, Denver naturally has plenty of options to choose from. However, below are a few of the top contenders for consideration.

British Bulldog: If the bride-to-be is a soccer fan, then the British Bulldog is the place to be. They open extra early on weekends for matches played abroad.
Stoney’s: One of Denver’s most popular sports bars, so plan accordingly as it can get packed. Stoney’s shows all sports, professional and college.
Sports Column: Centrally located in the LoDo neighborhood, Sports Column broadcasts it all. You name it, they’re probably showing it.

Like many large cities, Denver looks forward to welcoming the gay pride festivities every year. And what better way to celebrate the gay bride-to-be’s bachelorette party? You can dress up, show your support, and party among the best crowds.

Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Crafty / Artsy Ladies

A group of girls cheers their fruity cocktails over a table filled with crafting supplies during their denver bachelorette party
Photo provided courtesy of Upstairs Circus

This girl has probably already predicted how everything will go down at her bachelorette party on her most recent dream board. She can make her own clothes, lotion, jewelry and more (if she wants to).

Maybe she’s a painter, or she went to school for art. She may even be a regular at the local slam poetry readings. However she got here, you’ll want to be sure and include an activity that will get her creative juices flowing!

Pretend you are Picasso at a sip and paint class

Sip and paint classes blew up quite a few years ago across the country. And it’s a fun (and boozy) bachelorette party activity everyone will enjoy, no matter their skill level.

The classes at Painting with a Twist are structured so each step is broken down in easily digestible tasks for non-artists. And the best part is you can sip your favorite wine or cocktail while you paint! Each class focuses on one specific painting, so check out their calendar to see what’s happening during your bachelorette party in Denver.

Create a variety of different crafts at Upstairs Circus

Who doesn’t love crafts and mimosas? Upstairs Circus is a real crowd-pleaser because everyone gets to choose their own craft to create! From jewelry and accessories, to hip home decor pieces, all of your friends will find something they’ll love to make.

They have a variety of class times available, so check the calendar and see what works best for your bachelorette party agenda.

Take your foul mouths to cross-stitch Sunday

First off, this is not your grandma’s needle work. Because during foul-mouthed cross-stitch Sundays at Grandma’s House brewery, you’re encouraged to be crass.

All supplies are provided (with purchase of a beer), and you can stitch raunchy patterns such as “nasty woman” or “home is where the D is.” Ya know, whatever you come up with! It’s a creative activity you can enjoy while drinking amazing Colorado craft beers.

Peruse Denver’s booming art scene

Many might not realize it, but Denver has a very happening arts scene. The city has two completely separate arts districts, the Santa Fe Arts District and the River North (RiNo) Arts District. Both of these areas are new and hip, with tons of galleries, breweries, restaurants, and more to explore.

Denver also is home to one of the largest art museums this side of Chicago, the Denver Art Museum. You can even do a walking tour specifically focused on graffiti art in Denver.

Bachelorette Parties in Denver for the Outdoorsy Girl

Young woman helping friend climb up a rock; two young females hiking in nature
© mail272 via Canva.com

This is the girl who has flannels and beanies in her regular clothing rotation. She probably spent a ridiculous amount of money on fancy hiking boots, and wakes up at 2 am to hike a 14er. She loves all that the great outdoors has to offer – biking, hiking, camping, skiing (maybe even snowboarding)…you name it, she’s into it.

Luckily Colorado is packed to the brim with people who love the outdoors, so there’s a lot of options for this bride-to-be!

Hit the mountain slopes

With gorgeous Rocky Mountains just to the west, Denver is well-known for being a winter sports haven. Some of the country’s best skiing, snowboarding, tubing, and more is right in Denver’s backyard.

If you’re looking to hit the slopes within two hours from Denver, be sure to check out Copper Mountain or Breckenridge. But if you’re willing to travel a bit farther for the best slopes, check out Steamboat or Aspen Snowmass.

Play in the park

When the weather is sunny and warm, Denverites ascend on city parks in droves. Some prefer to use the park for exercise, or group sports like volleyball. Others prefer to use the parks for leisurely activities like BBQs or laying out in the sun.

But with favorable alcohol rules, the park is the perfect place to relax with good friends and good drinks.

So grab your ladies, some drinks (just no glass please), and games and head out for some fun in the sun at the park. Local favorites include Washington ParkCity Park, and Cheeseman Park. You can even make some friends and join in on a game!

Get outside and take a hike

If you weren’t already aware, Denverites go NUTS for hiking. Which makes total sense given there are so many beautiful hiking trails close by. Whether you’re hiking in the foothills, closer to the city, or deep into the Rocky Mountains, incredible Colorado nature and scenery awaits you.

For options closer to Denver, be sure to check out Deer Creek Canyon or St. Mary’s Glacier. Or if you’re willing to drive a bit farther, check out Hanging Lake or Rocky Mountain National Park.

Top Outdoor Recreation Tours in Denver

– Explore the best that Colorado’s majestic Rocky Mountains have to offer with a day-long guided tour in Rocky Mountain National Park
– Take an incredible glacier hike and geothermal cave pools tour where you’ll get the perfect mix of recreation and relaxation
– Experience the adventure of flying through beautiful Colorado landscapes on a zipline adventure tour
– Hike your heart out on a hiking adventure tour in Rocky Mountain National Park, including roundtrip transportation

Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Girl Who Loves Live Performances

Female singer playing guitar and singing a song
© mail272 via Canva.com

These are ideas for the girls who love performances. Whether they perform themselves via a medium like music, dance, or acting. Or whether they simply enjoy watching others on the stage. She’s all about a live performance!

Catch a show at the nation’s best outdoor music venue

There is no more iconic outdoor music venue in Denver than Red Rocks Amphitheater. Many would even argue (myself included) that it’s the best outdoor music venue in the whole country.

But no matter which side you reside on that debate, one thing is for sure: music lovers are guaranteed to never forget their first concert on the rocks. Be sure to check out the Red Rocks event calendar and see if you can work it into your bachelorette party in Denver itinerary!

Laugh your ass off at Denver’s best comedy club

There’s no doubt at this point that laughter is the best medicine, and a great way to let loose. At a comedy show, your bride-to-be can get a good dose of laughter, and maybe even a little attention from the comedian! And the best comedy club in Denver, is without a doubt, Comedy Works.

Be sure and let them know in advance of your special event, and see if you can be seated near the front of the audience.

Hit the high notes at karaoke

Whether your bride-to-be is a singer herself, or just likes to watch others, karaoke is a fantastic option. A little (or a lot) liquid courage and your group is well on their way to more future bribery material than you know what to do with.

For a place with a traditional karaoke feel, be sure to stop by Ogden Street South. OSS has karaoke Friday and Saturday nights, and it’s a local hidden gem! Or, for a more private experience for your group, book a private room at Voicebox Karaoke. It’s a Japanese-style karaoke joint, and the private room means no getting embarrassed in front of strangers or waiting ages for your turn on the mic.

Bachelorette Parties in Denver for the Gay Bachelorette

Proud lesbian couple kissing holding gay rainbow flag
© Jonathan Erasmus via Canva.com

A quick note: the lesbian bachelorette can (and probably does) enjoy any of the other options listed here. You know, because they’re normal humans and such.

But just in case your bachelorette would like something in her party agenda that caters to the LGBTQ+ crowd, then below is what you’ll need to know.

Catch a fabulous drag queen brunch at Hamburger Mary’s

If crafting while drinking isn’t your thing, take your brunch a completely different direction. Head over to Hamburger Mary’s to catch one of their EPIC drag brunch shows!

Enjoy your beverages while the Divas entertain you with a variety of performances, games, and guaranteed shenanigans. They keep the bottomless mimosas flowing (my fave), and the food is on point. The “An American in Paris” off their brunch menu is to die for.

Bring some $1 bills to show your fave queen some tip love. And don’t be afraid to get rowdy here…they love it!

Check out Denver’s best gay bars / clubs

While Denver is definitely a gay-friendly city, I don’t think anyone would call Denver a mecca of gay entertainment. Especially when compared to places like New York City, or San Francisco. However, for a smaller city, Denver does alright! So if hitting the gay bars/clubs is on your bachelorette party agenda, here are some of the best ones Denver has to offer:

Charlie’s: A gay bar that’s part country-western and part top 40 club (an interesting mix, but it works). Charlie’s has both indoor and outdoor space, and the crowd is always rowdy and welcoming.
X Bar: Just down Colfax from Charlie’s, X Bar is a happening gay hangout. They have a huge outdoor patio where you can escape the heat from the dance floor.

Celebrate at Denver pride

Denver Pride typically happens every year in June.

Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Foodies

Woman eating a salad while using smartphone
© info79577 via Canva.com

Does your bride-to-be eat with her camera first? Ensuring to document every incredible meal for her drool-worthy Instagram. Or is she a regular at the weekend farmer’s market? Buying all the best ingredients for her all-day-long bolognese sauce.

She loves to cook. She loves to eat. And she loves to shop for things she can eat and/or cook with. A true foodie. Give the girl (and her stomach) what they want, and work some food-focused activities into your bachelorette party weekend in Denver!

Check out Denver’s food halls and gourmet markets

The popularity of food halls and gourmet markets in Denver has absolutely surged in the last few years. And that’s a good thing! There’s just something about being able to get a fabulous meal, cocktails, and dessert, from different businesses all under the same roof.

One option for your foodie bride-to-be would be to plan a casual (but delicious) lunch from Denver Central Market. Or happy hour and small bites with an amazing view at Avanti Food and Beverage. Or dinner and libations at the Dairy Block, Denver’s newest and hippest option (but be forewarned, it gets crazy busy on weekend nights).

Take a cooking class

Some foodies are strictly eaters, and that’s ok. Some foodies also love to hone their own craft for creating mouth-watering meals. And if your foodie bride-to-be is of the latter group, then taking a cooking class is a great activity for your crew!

Both Cook Street School of Culinary Arts and Stir Cooking School have completely private event options (more expensive), or an event calendar of small group classes (less expensive) you could join.

Explore Denver’s culinary scene on a Denver food tour

Want to do less work, but still get all of the eating? Then taking a adventure through the Denver culinary scene on a food tour is another great option! You have options to book either a private tour, or you can join a small group tour (and maybe make some new friends!). No matter which you choose, you’re sure to experience some of the best food Denver has to offer.

Check out the tour availabilities at Delicious Denver Food Tours or Secret Food Tours Denver. Your foodie bachelorette (and your stomach) will appreciate it.

Have a private chef cook an incredible private dinner

If you have yet to experience a private chef, multi-course dinner cooked for you in the privacy of your home (or rental)…you have not lived! It’s an incredible experience with all the benefit (eating) and none of the work (cooking and cleaning).

For your foodie bachelorette, this would be an excellent activity option! To find a private chef, you can always use a company like Take a Chef. Or, if you would rather work with a local company, TBD Foods is highly rated.

Top Foodie Tours in Denver

– Discover Denver’s incredible dining scene on a small group food walking tour, eating your heart out at six different downtown stops
– Learn why Denver is considered the “Napa Valley of craft beer” on this LoDo craft beer tour
– Explore the best food in Union Station and Lodo on this tour that includes all local cuisine, inventive cocktails and craft beers

Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Girl with Refined Tastes

A young blonde woman enjoying afternoon tea during her denver bachelorette party
© encrier via Canva.com

Everyone has a refined girl in their friend group. This is the one who comes dressed up to brunch vs. rolling in looking like they got hit with a dump truck. She also loves a traditional afternoon tea (again dressed to the nines…sensing a pattern here?).

She loves a nice wine, and actually knows enough to effectively determine what a “nice” wine is. Basically she is fancy af and brings some class to your outings. It doesn’t always have to be super expensive! Here are the best options in Denver where the classy bride-to-be can get her luxury on.

Sip afternoon tea at the Brown Palace

Everyone grew up with the same mental image of afternoon tea: fancy china, everyone dressed up, and tiny food. It sounds pretentious, but man is it a treat. An opportunity to feel a little fancy for the afternoon.

In Denver, there is no afternoon tea more famous than the Brown Palace, Denver’s most luxurious historic hotel. Scheduling a ladies afternoon tea will certainly delight your refined bride-to-be.

Go wine tasting

If your bride-to-be considers herself a wine-o, then a refined day (or night) of wine tasting is a fantastic bachelorette party activity! You can sip on a nice sauvignon blanc while she gushes about her upcoming wedding. Or you can use a nice merlot to “hair of the dog” yourself back to life from last night’s festivities.

Check out Denver’s urban winery, Infinite Monkey Theorum, where they have both public or private tour and tasting options. Or you can step back in time to the roaring 20s with a tasting at Bigsby’s Folly Craft Winery.

Did someone say spa day??

Is there anything more refined than spending a spa day with your girls? Getting massages, facials, wraps, and other treatments. Accompanied by fluffy robes, essential oils and bubbly to round out the day.

The Woodhouse Day Spa, while a national chain, is actually quite lovely (and for a more reasonable price point). They even have group options to create the perfect spa day party for your crew.

Or, maybe you wanna ball out and go with a fancy option. In that case, check out the spas at either the Brown Palace Hotel & Spa, or the Ritz-Carlton. It won’t be cheap, but it will be luxurious.

Shop ’til you drop

Denver has everything a shopaholic could want. From premium malls to outlet malls, boutique shops and the biggest designers out there. It’s all within a relatively close (driving) distance to the city center.

For a premium mall with brands like Free People and Neiman Marcus, check out the Cherry Creek Shopping Center or Cherry Creek North (two distinct shopping areas in Cherry Creek). Or if your bride would prefer to get designer names for a lower price tag, she will love the Premium Outlets.

Bachelorette Parties in Denver for the Gamer Chicks

Young woman sitting in a virtual reality gaming chair
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Women can be gamers, too! Another gender-based stereotype shattered. This is the girl who understands what n00b, griefer, and smurfing means. She probably has a higher score at WoW (are there scores? I am not this type of girl) than her male friends.

She’s got herself a gaming chair, VR headset and a recognizable-yet-cool gamer name ready to go at any drop. Don’t make her miss a whole weekend of gaming satisfaction. Work any of these in…they’re fun for gamers and non-gamers alike!

Relive your favorite childhood games at Denver barcades

Denver barcades provide the best of both worlds – a lively drinking atmosphere combined with games and competition among friends. And your gamer bride-to-be will especially geek out over the opportunity to play classic favorites and new arcade games alike.

When it comes to Denver barcades, there are a solid few options. 1-Up Arcade Bar has two convenient downtown-area locations (LoDo and Capitol Hill). And Dave and Buster’s is larger, and much more expansive, option. And finally, take your bride-to-be into a new dimension at The VR Arcade.

Break stuff (in real life) at a rage room

If you haven’t heard about rage rooms yet, shame on you! These companies popped up and gave people an opportunity they didn’t even necessarily know they needed. To be able to go completely nuts on a room full of electronics, glass, and other oh-so-breakable things.

It’s the best way to let off some steam and live a game-like fantasy IRL. Good options in Denver are SMASH*IT Breakroom (Denver’s first) and Axe Whooping.

Fancy yourself a lumberjack at axe throwing

Another genius business concept no one saw coming: paying to pretend to be a lumberjack and throw axes at wooden targets. Oh, and you can drink while you’re doing it. It’s a recipe for bachelorette party success.

The best place in Denver to throw the old axes is DAGAR. It’s part axe throwing, part local art gallery. And they feature plenty of local brews and wines.

Rule the modern day ping pong hall

That’s right…ping pong hall. But not a stuffy old-world ping pong hall. This is the good stuff. A modern day ping pong hall plus an amazing asian fusion restaurant plus an inventive bar slinging incredibly creative cocktails.

Sounds amazing right? Then check out Ace Eat Serve when planning your bachelorette party, Denver!

Final Thoughts on Colorado Bachelorette Party Ideas

Group of women having fun at denver bachelorette party blowing confetti from hands
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One thing is for sure, there are plenty of options for fun things to do for a bachelorette party, Denver! The hard part will be narrowing them all down to create the perfect bachelorette party agenda for your bride-to-be.

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