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Denver, Colorado, is an adventurer’s playground – both in and around the city. There are ample bike parks in the city and over 196 miles of on-street bike lanes. In addition to this, the city is surrounded by beautiful mountains, which provides even more unique biking opportunities. Aside from cycling, it is an ideal location for hiking, climbing, skiing, and other outdoor activities. 

Many of these biking trails pass by some of the city’s most popular attractions. So that you’re able to make a day out of your cycling adventures, we have rounded up the best Denver bike trails, as well as some lovely spots you’ll find along the way. 

After a long day of incredible biking, be sure to leave time to check out Denver’s best rooftop bars.

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denver bike trails


If you’re in Denver and you search “bike paths near me”, the first suggestion is likely to be the popular 40-mile Cherry Creek Trail. This paved path begins at Confluence Park, where Cherry Creek and South Platte River combine. From here, it follows along Cherry Creek, eventually running into Franktown. 

The biggest draw to this Denver bike path is the relatively calm atmosphere it offers. As the trail is sunken below street level, it provides a tranquil experience, unencumbered by the bustling street traffic overhead. 

Locals also love this Denver bike ride as it passes through the Cherry Creek Shopping District and provides easy access to several city parks. Below are some popular attractions you will pass along the way.  

Top Tip: To save you money while in Denver, be sure to get a Denver CityPASS and save up to 40% on the city’s top attractions.

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Four Mile Historic Park, which was once an old stagecoach stop, is a unique park situated along the Cherry Creek bike path just four miles from downtown Denver. Here you will find the Four Mile House, one of the oldest remaining structures in the area. There is also a museum where you can learn about Denver’s history.


Another popular attraction is Cherry Creek State Park and reservoir. The park offers miles of paved and multi-use trails, perfect to bike and hike. It also provides amazing birding opportunities, fishing, camping, swimming, horseback riding, and more.


To round up a full day of fun, continue to the end of Cherry Creek Trail just north of Castlewood Canyon State Park in Franktown. Here you will find some amazing geological features and historical sites, as well as hiking trails and rock climbing routes.

Denver bike trails are well maintained like this paved bike path through a nature preserve
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When it comes to recreational bike trails, Denver has plenty. One of these is the Platte River Trail, a stunning 30-mile greenway that offers a history lesson like no other. Along the route, the Colorado Historical Society has set up a number of informational signs, providing nifty insight into Native American history, the railroads, local wildlife, and more.

Here’s a historical fact to get you started: The South Platte River Trail was first used by Native Americans and later by settlers. 

The scenic trail parallels the Platte River and extends north towards Brighton and south towards Chatfield State Park. There are plenty of things to see and do along this route, like the historic downtown Littleton, Riverside Cemetery, Hudson Garden, and the Trestle Bike Skills Park. Detailed below are several more popular attractions situated along the Platte River Bike Trail. 


Confluence Park, where Denver was founded, is where the Platte River Trail joins with the Cherry Creek Trail. Near the park is a wide selection of activities, including the Downtown Aquarium, Empower Field at Mile High, and Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus. It is also a lovely spot to simply enjoy a relaxing picnic. 

Note: If your bike is in need of some new parts, stop at the nearby REI flagship store in Denver. 

Denver bike trails running along the Platte River and Confluence Park in Denver, CO
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A hidden gem in Denver, Ruby Hill Park, features a large bike park with multiple skill and slopestyle courses, pump tracks, dirt jumps, and rock drops. Much like the Trestle Skills Bike Park, this is a fun spot for more ambitious bikers. In the winter, check out Ruby Hill Rail Yard for free skiing and snowboarding. 


The Chatfield State Park is the ending point to the lengthy Platte River Trail. This park is home to several biking and hiking trails and is also a good spot for horseback riding, boating, and swimming. Nearby is the Denver Botanical Gardens, where you can enjoy a scenic nature walk. 


If you’re looking for a more physically demanding ride, the Clear Creek Trail provides a fair challenge. This popular biking trail covers a distance of 18 miles, heading from north Denver to Golden. It is a serene route that follows Clear Creek and features a challenging 5,800 ft climb that is sure to get those legs burning. 

The Clear Creek Trail passes by several neighborhoods, parks, and greenways. Among them are the giant Coors Brewery, North Table Mountain Park, Anderson Park, and Lowell Ponds State Wildlife Area. Below are several more popular attractions you may stumble upon during your ride. 


Golden is a charming town and was Colorado’s capital city before Denver adopted the title. With its many restaurants, cafés, and shops, there are plenty of things to do in Golden. If you’re in need of any biking essentials, you’ll also find several bike shops here. 

A popular spot in Golden is Coors brewery. This is the largest single-site brewery in the world. Here, visitors can stop for a tour or enjoy a well-earned brew at the end of a long ride. 



Surrounding Golden are several mountains that open doors to an array of wild adventures. Both mountains feature an exciting selection of biking and hiking trails. Immerse yourself in the landscape and take in panoramic views of the Rockies and Denver metro area. 

To experience the Rockies in its entirety, check out this Rocky Mountain National Park tour.


Bear Creek is one of the best bike trails Denver has to offer. This scenic 14.5-mile Denver biking route showcases the city, as well as the surrounding mountains.  From downtown Denver, follow this trail towards the world-renowned Red Rocks Park & Amphitheater. 

This is an easily accessible trail that can be reached through South Platte Trail and other bike lanes and routes in Denver. It features a slight incline the entire way, so it can be quite the workout. After plenty of leg-busting climbs, you will find yourself in Morrison. Below are some things to look out for during your visit. 


Morrison is a lovely spot just outside of the world’s best natural amphitheater. Explore a lovely assortment of cafés, ice-cream parlors, and shops. There are also several rooftop bars, including Ship Rock Grille


This popular Denver attraction has hosted concerts for over a century and has earned its status as the best natural amphitheater in the world. The amazing acoustics and views are attributed to the large towering rocks, which reach heights of up to 300 feet. 

Getting up to Red Rock on a bike is challenging, but it is more than worth it, even if it’s just to soak in the views from on top. To explore the amphitheater and its surroundings, check out this Red Rocks Amphitheater tour.

Large red rock formations with downtown Denver, Colorado in the background
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If you’re looking for a more laid-back biking trail, the High Line Canal is a great option. While you may have to contend with a few road crossings, this Denver bike route offers plenty to see. It is a continuous tree-lined track that provides some spectacular views of wildlife and mountain vistas. Best of all, the trail is flat the entire way, making it suitable for the whole family. 

If you’re looking for a more laid-back biking trail, the High Line Canal is a great option. While you may have to contend with a few road crossings, this Denver bike route offers plenty to see. It is a continuous tree-lined track that provides some spectacular views of wildlife and mountain vistas. Best of all, the trail is flat the entire way, making it suitable for the whole family. 

On this lengthy but leisurely ride, you will have plenty of opportunities to stop, rest, enjoy the parks, and visit the various neighborhoods. Some notable stops are discussed below. 


Run by Aurora city, this museum showcases the history of the popular Denver suburb. The museum features a number of displays that showcase regional and natural history alongside fine and decorative arts. 


The Rocky Mountain Arsenal used to feature military facilities which were supplied water via the High Line Canal. Today, the popular attraction exists as a wildlife refuge and features over 330 species of animals. 

Seen roaming and flying across the refuge’s grasslands, wetlands, woodlands and lakes are many unique animals that you may not have the opportunity to see elsewhere. Some of these include bison, bald eagles, black-footed ferrets, and more. 

A small herd of buffalo grazing in a field at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge in Denver, CO
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Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride or an off-the-beaten-path adventure, Denver has it all. Throughout the city are some of the best routes, with many lovely stops along the way. Likewise, the mountains surrounding the city offer some of the most exceptional views. 

Regardless of which trail you decide to tackle, you’ll be in for an enjoyable ride. For more outdoor adventures, check out this list of the best hikes near Denver.

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