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(Last Updated On: December 15, 2020)

“How much does a trip to Brazil cost?” An important question for anyone planning a trip to this amazing country.

Like many countries in South America, Brazil is likely more affordable than you’d think!

Brazil is a HUGE country. And while some areas may get a bad rep when it comes to safety, with proper precautions you can still safely explore all Brazil has to offer.

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Foz do Iguaçu — Rio de Janeiro — Arraial do Cabo

13 days

$2,254.19 total / $173.40 per day / $86.70 per person, per day

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Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro Brazil with a blue sky and white whispy clouds behind him
What up, Jesus?
Photo by Kara Patterson

Brazil was a country that we honestly weren’t sure we would visit during our trip. We had naturally heard of the safety concerns, and that definitely gave us reason to pause.

Ultimately the decision was almost made for us. When looking for flights to get us from South America to Europe, the best option was flying from Rio de Janeiro to Lisbon, Portugal.

We did our due diligence, and spoke with friends who had been. And based on that information ultimately decided to go for it. And honestly, I’m SO glad we did.

We had an amazing time in Brazil. Especially since we were in South America during their winter, it was nice to visit a country where it was still hot enough for proper beach time. Thanks, Brazil!



$1,015.73 total / $78.13 per day / $39.07 per person, per day

A table is filled with fixings for a Brazilian feijoada meal - bean stew, rice, pork rinds, greens
If you only try one Brazilian dish, it best be feijoada!
© judtas via

Anything we ingest (booze included), gets tallied up here.

Overall, eating out was still slightly less than in the US. Our average dining cost was around $33 for the two of us. And since we utilized Airbnb, we were able to buy groceries to at least cover some breakfasts and snacks for ourselves.

But per the usual, food and beverage wound up being our largest expense in Brazil. We just love to eat and drink, man! Experiencing the local food and nightlife is my favorite thing while traveling.

Our favorite areas in the city to experience the nightlife and have some drinks were Largo dos Guimarães in Santa Teresa and the Lapa neighborhood near downtown Rio.


$658.38 total / $50.64 per day / $25.32 per person, per day

Favela in Rio de Janeiro Brazil with many houses stacked close and on top of one another
One of the many favelas in Rio de Janeiro
© ominiquelandau via

We exclusively stayed in Airbnb during our time in Brazil, even in the little beach town of Arraial do Cabo. There’s solid availability of really nice places centrally located to popular areas.

Like in other countries we visited in South America, I’m quite pleased with our lodging costs in Brazil. Averaging $50 per night is fantastic. You can’t get that in ANY major US city.

In Rio, we split our time between staying in Santa Teresa and Ipanema. Santa Teresa is a hilltop district, and Ipanema is obviously a famous beach area. It was nice to get to experience both!


$500.28 total / $38.48 per day / $19.24 per person, per day

A crowd gathers around a performance group wearing yellow shirts and playing instruments in the streets of Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Partying and music in the streets of Santa Teresa in Rio de Janeiro
Photo by Kara Patterson

The biggest line item here is our flights from Iguazu to Rio de Janeiro. Which, at $260 for both of us really isn’t that crazy. We also decided to rent a car and drive up to Arraial do Cabo for a few days.

Outside of that, we tried to stay as centrally located as possible. That way we could walk more. But the reality in Brazil is sometimes getting from point A to point B requires you to go through a sketchy area.

So we definitely utilized Uber in those situations. However, with an average Uber cost of under $6 per ride, it still won’t break the bank.

And naturally, my biggest caveat here is that we saved by already being in the “hood” and not having a large flight expense to get us to Brazil from the US.

Driving in Brazil wasn’t TOO bad. However, exits off of major highways (at least in Rio) start two+ miles before the actual exit. And the length of the exit lane is lined with cement barriers. So if you miss that ONE entrance point two miles up the road, you’re screwed. Happened to us multiple times and I had a solid ugly cry/freak out about it.



Pages of a United States passports with many stamps
© AndrewSoundarajan via

As of June 2019, US citizens no longer require a special visa to visit Brazil. It also no longer costs anything (used to be $40). This change was amazing for us timing-wise, as we arrived in Brazil in July. And we will take any savings of money and headache we can!



$79.80 total / $6.14 per day / $3.07 per person, per day

Many large waterfalls nestled in the jungle with a rainbow in the foreground
The view of the INCREDIBLE Iguazu Falls from the Brazil side
Photo by Kara Patterson

Entertainment costs were kept pretty low in Brazil.

Naturally we had to see Christ the Redeemer, and the tram to get up there cost around $21 per person.

Another must was visiting Iguazu Falls (which is AMAZING!). The falls straddle both Argentina and Brazil, and I definitely recommend seeing both. Our entrance fees to the Brazil side were around $18 per person.

Outside of that, going to the beach is free.99 and we definitely got as much of that in as we could!

When visiting Iguazu Falls: you get closer to the falls on the Argentina side (like mist in your face close), but you get a better overall view from the Brazil side. Definitely check out both!


A blonde girl wearing orange sunglasses and a bald man wearing black sunglasses pose in front of the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Selfies with Christ the Redeemer
Photo by Kara Patterson

So, how much does a trip to Brazil cost? About $87 per person, per day.

Seeing Christ the Redeemer will be something I remember forever. As will visiting Iguazu Falls. And I can’t even tell you how good legit caipirinhas are in Brazil – I drank them DAILY.

And while our costs in Brazil were a bit more expensive than other countries in South America, it was absolutely worth it.

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